UnterGrund - Das Zürcher Bunker Festival



Switzerland has an incredible amount of Bunkers - in fact there is almost an underground world. But nobody uses the Bunkers anymore, except for hosting asylum seekers now and then (the thought of them actually living down there over a period of 3 months, freaked us out).

Our project was a 25 min. guided walk and performance installation through a Bunker at the Goldbrunnenplatz, Zürich. The Bunker was built to harbour 2500 people. The concept: Spend 48h underground in the Bunker and let youself be inspired by this experience and by the place. The place was absolutely fascinating with its offices, hospital beds, hallways and ongoing sanitary installations. But doing the experiment during Winter time, was incredible hard and cold. When the lights were turned off, the darkness we experienced was almost painfully black; as if swallowed by a hole. Finally we focused on two points: To underline the fact of getting lost in a world you don't really know and wanting to transform this neutral, cold space into something less real - into a surreal labyrinth. For the transformation we focused on using visual and accoustic elements. The walk was mainly done in the dark. 

Our bunker was one of four Bunkers. The visiters were guided by a plan from Bunker to Bunker.




A collaboration with Kathrin Geissmann, Nurya Egger, Thomas Hannibal, Jessica Huber