“When an encounter happens to you, and you strongly feel it is happening to you, there is this phenomenon of attraction or repulsion – sometimes both of them at the same time – for the one that comes to perturb the rhythm of your life. ... The encounter is a beginning. But the beginning of what? The miracle of the encounter is the paradox conjunction of the pure exterior – the person I encounter – and the pure interior – the decisions and consequences, which I have to take and carry myself.” (Alain Badiou)

How do we deal with the feelings of attraction? Who will make the first step? How do I open up and reveal myself? Where are my personal boundaries and those of my counterpart? (unpeel) is a series of encounters. The performers experiment with different elements of approach. Testing boundaries, introverting the encounter and its effect, while creating a fragile, honest and lonely place, embraced by a very fine, almost melancholic humour.


“An hour of dance such as this, can trigger a firework of associations, because the piece’s embodiments of attraction, repulsion, longing, sadness, anger and dreaming reveal a strong personal style and give a clear dramaturgy.” Thierry Frochaux, P.S.


Concept and choreography: Jessica Huber
Dance and choreographical collaboration: Tim Fletcher, Mathis Kleinschnittger, Ismael Oiartzabal, Barbara Schlittler
Music (live): Chris Durussel Lighting: Peter Scherz Feedback: Philippe Weissbrodt Set design: Mickaël Henrotay Delaunay
Costume: Nina Willimann Production assistant: Yvonne Dünki, Valentine Kuntschen Production: A®TEM

Length: 55 min.

A coproduction with: Tanzhaus Zürich and Théâtre Sévelin 36 Lausanne With support from: Stadt Zürich Kultur, Fachstelle Kultur Kanton Zürich, Ville de Lausanne, Pro Helvetia Swiss Culture Foundation, Ernst Göhner Foundation, Kulturstiftung Winterthur