Ouverture dans la nuit


A nocturnal stroll to the stars
“Early humans did not think of the sun as a star because they did not have powerful enough binoculars to see things. They thought that the sun was perhaps a god, a one-off, that nothing else like it existed; like us early humans also tried to understand things. Today, though, we know that the sun is like the stars and there are billions of them.” Alain Badiou, The Finite and the Infinite 

Lying in the dark, sitting around a fire, gazing at the stars, revelling in the pleasures of the finite world and pondering about time, space and the improbable existence of humans on this tiny blue planet floating somewhere in the universe. Following on from the success of their Ballet Automobile in 2015, the Zurich collective mercimax returns to Fribourg to stage a unique nocturnal experience with the help of experts and artists.

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Idée et conception Karin Arnold, Jessica Huber Avec Caroline Dorn, Meril Wubslin, Julien Basler, Rana Bassil, Jérôme Berbier, Geneviève Liaudat Travail de recherche Rudy Decelière, Stefan Ineichen, Laurent Kropf 

Réalisé grâce à un Encouragement du Canton de Fribourg à la Culture ainsi qu’à un soutien du Pour-cent culturel Migros à l’appel à projets Art en lieux inattendus
Présentation avec le soutien de Pro Helvetia 

Fotos: Margaux Kolly, Festival Belluard International 2017