a summery installation performance

Can you tell by the looks of a person, if that person is having a sexual relationship with several people? Is it possible to tell by looking at a person, if he is living in a committed relationship, respectively hasn’t been living in a solid relationship for a long time? Can you perceive, if a person’s skin has or hasn’t been touched in a long time? For example, in summer, when you are lying at an out-door pool, observing the half naked bodies – can you actually make it out? And do you think it is desirable to live a life as a couple?

The term for someone who doesn’t live in a solid relationship has changed through time and with it also the single’s role in society. What stays is the question of which desires and expectations form and transform one’s life and what consequences one is prepared to accept for independence.

Junggesellen is a summery performance-installation at Werd-Insel Zürich, about personal freedom and about the option of living life as a “single”.

Première: 3 July 2013 / A coproduction with Gessnerallee Zürich. Reservation: http://www.mercimax.ch/junggesellenreservation

More information: www.mercimax.ch

by: Karin Arnold & Jessica Huber
Sound: Mischa Robert
With: Eva Gagel, Philippe Weissbrodt, Theresa Strack