Holding it together Akt 1: The Thing


"Holding it together / Akt 1: The Thing" is the first research in a series of collaborations with different artists. Each collaboration will be connected to the theme of "holding it together".

It has become a normality of our civilized life to use machines and tools to form and shape material according to our requirements, desires and needs. However, these tools and machines also affect us and have a huge impact on the way we live. In this research we take one step back, away from high-tech, abstraction and smooth surfaces – back to strenuous efforts, construction, tools and (noisy) machinery. A visual artist, a dancer and a carpenter will experiment and investigate, what sort of movement patterns, structures and impulses can be determined and what other visual and acoustical possibilities may arise from the experiment.

Inspiration also comes from the books: Revolution - A Reader, Together by Richard Sennett and Machen ist Macht/Abstrakt // And from the films by Bela Tarr.

With: Laurent Kropf, Mariusz Jedrejewski, Jean-Christophe Lemaire

Residency: 21. - 31.10. 2013 at Théâtre Sévelin 36, Lausanne (31.10. Open Studio) // 6. - 16.11. 2013 at Fabriktheater, Rote Fabrik Zürich (16.11. "Sharing / Showing") 


Photos: Philippe Weissbrodt & Jessica Huber

With the support from: Stadt Zürich Kultur and Rote Fabrik.


1. A trailer & short documentation of our research;

2. The chapter "the axe" (one of the chapters of the research)