Autoballett (A Car Dance*)


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In brief, our project “Autoballett” addresses how our educated, connected, central-European generation deals with the great quantity of information about the at times controversial consequences of its actions, as well as the fact that in practice, acting sustainably doesn’t always meet the requirements of an enjoyable life. The car, a romantic and murderous one-time symbol of freedom, embodies the complex dilemma facing us, who live in prosperity. This project explores the relationships and stories that drivers have with their vehicles, as well as the different perspectives that conscientious non-drivers have to cars in general. We ask how they confront the freedom of choice and the finite nature of human existence. Autoballet is a kind of sensual, choreographed ode to the fading epoch of automobiles and draws attention to our children’s future.

For this production we gathered a team of drivers, who own or drive vehicles for different reasons: from a Tesla-driver to a Classic Car fan; from the owner of a touring band’s bus to the hearse-driver. 

The performance of Autoballett has of two main parts: first, the audience get into the individual vehicles and make their way through the city; second, the drivers drive a choreographed ‘ballet’, narrate their relationship to their vehicles and performe.

The piece will be performed outdoors! An indoor version without vehicles, will premier in spring 2015.

"wahrlich grandioses Ballett" Thomas Wyss, Tagesanzeiger, 10.6.14

"ein äusserst gelungener Abend" Isabelle Jakob, NZZ, 10.6.14

"... Alles in allem ist dieser Abend ziemlich abgefahren. ... Und die Zuschauerin? Die befällt bei diesem aufwendigen und exklusiven Abgesang an ein Erstwelt-Statussymbol auch mal das schlechte Gewissen. Schuld ist der Gedanke, hier einem Phänomen beizuwohnen, das angesichts größerer globaler Probleme ziemlich absurd erscheint. ..." Julia Stephan, nachtkritik, 9.6.14

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pictures by Nelly Rodriguez & Jessica Huber


Idea & artistic direction: Karin Arnold & Jessica Huber Music & Sound design: Mischa Robert Scouting&Costumes: Mirja Fiorentino, Judith Steinmann Dramaturgy: Marcel Schwald Production: Nadine Tobler Performance: Jens Wörnle, Newroz Baz, Ramin Mosayebi, Francesca Tappa, Sebastian Krähenbühl, Simon Berz, ...

A coproduction with Fabriktheater Rote Fabrik Zürich. Supported by Stadt Zürich Kultur, Kanton Zürich, Kanton Zug, pro helvetia